About Me

I'm Imad Atyat-Allah, A Front-end React developer passionate about creating beautiful, user-friendly web applications.

My fascination with the world of web development began in high school, where I discovered a passion for creating fast and innovative web applications. Since then, I have dedicated myself to continually enhancing my skills and expertise in the field of web development.


Available for new opportunities

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Portfolly - Full-time

Sep 2022 - Present

  • Setup multi-tenancy
  • Took care of all API stuff using Prisma and Planetscale
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Front-end Developer

Obytes - Full-time

Apr 2022 - Present

- Lineup project:

  • Led the front-end team, making sure we built a great-looking and smooth-working web app.
  • Handled the setup of Stripe payments and Stripe Connect, so customers could easily and safely pay online.
  • Figured out how to add tricky new stuff to the site and made sure it all worked well.
  • Checked out my teammates' code on GitHub to help catch any issues and make sure everything was on track.