Why I have started Octocake?

Imad Atyat-Allah / October 16, 2021

2 min read


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What is Octocake?

Octocake is an open-source social platform created for developers to share their knowledge, Experiences, Journey, and a lot more with the community.

Why I have started Octocake?

There is a lot of reasons behind why I have started Octocake, Here is some of them:

Learning purposes

Octocake is the first Full Stack app that I have built!

Building Octocake alone was not an easy job, And I learned a lot of stuff while building it(e.g. Express middlewares, PassportJS, Storybook, React HOCs, and a lot more!)

Build a community

I always dreamed of building a community of developers that helps each other and shares valuable information.

Tech stack


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, classes and interfaces. One of the big benefits is to enable IDEs to provide a richer environment for spotting common errors as you type the code.

I started Octocake using JavaScript, But at some point I made the decision and switched to TypeScript! It has taken me about 2 hours with a lot of anys 😅, TypeScript has helped me a lot catching errors before running the code in the browser.


Next.js is a JavaScript framework created by Vercel, It lets you build server-side rendering and static web applications using React.js.

I choosed Next.js because it provides some really great features(e.g. Server Side Rendering, Static Site Generation, Incremental Static Regeneration).


Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.


Prisma is Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM.

Octocake now

Octocake still in Alpha state, Which means it has limited functionality/features and you may face some bugs using it!

Known issues

The biggest issue that Octocake has is auth issue in production, The client and the server code does not live in the same domain name, Which causes the issue(The server can't send cookies to the client).

The future of Octocake

  • Buy a domain name(To fix auth issue).